How Companies can multiply their incomes by capitalising on the world’s biggest trend

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How Companies can multiply their incomes by capitalising on the world’s biggest trend

At any given point of time, any company has the same access to information, technology and people. Yet, some companies are able to drive all the customer traffic to their brand, while others purely lose out on the cash.

The golden rules of any industry have neither been changed nor modified. What has changed however, is the way the rest of the world consumes information, and the possibility for interaction through multiple channels – Offline or Online

From the moment an average person wakes up, they engage with 3.64 digital devices throughout the day. In 2015, U.S citizens spent more time on their mobile phones than they were watching television in their living rooms, a trend which is on the rise. And millennials on average spend up to 3.2 hours a day on the internet and social media, which is equivalent to 22.4 hours per week – which is almost one full day every week on their smart devices! The advent of this multiscreen world brought forth a revolution in every industry and transformed the basic rules of customer acquisition.


A quick glance around and you will find that everyone got caught onto this trend however resistant or accepting they were of it. This became the new normal or the sort of activity they needed to ‘catch-up with’. The serious and sophisticated finance industry which is the slowest to adapt to change of any kind has plunged into the movement too, as banks such as Chase, Barclays, HSBC, have released mobile apps and have deployed social media teams. Doctors and Having been in the Advertising Industry For over 20 years, we have understood the complicated marketing tools and strategies that can crack the puzzle of gaining clients for you. We help you achieve 360º Visibility with smart marketing campaigns that strategically laser target audience – on Outdoor or Digital Platforms.

So why not ride the wave at its high tide of the online marketing trend and showcase your business or products to a thousand more potential customers?


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