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BJ Aims Media  specialises in giving you a 360º tailor-made Marketing Strategy to showcase your brand’s TRUE potential. We’ve got you covered – through Outdoor Media or Digital platforms, we will establish your omnipresence everywhere.

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More Branding, More Visibility by BJ AIMS MEDIA

We help you achieve 360º Visibility with smart tools that strategically laser target audience – on Outdoor and Digital Platforms. Schedule a call now for a tailor-made marketing strategy!

We’ve Got You Covered For All Your OUTDOOR ADVERTISING NEEDS 


With over 25 years of experience in OOH advertising Pan-India, we can assure you the best hoardings, strategic locations, elite service and brand visibility. You name the city , we will service you there.


The Ads of your business promoted on the move maximising marketing. Bus advertising can target audience, amplify brand visibility and aim to uplift profit margins for you.


Though on the side, they gather immense attention. We can focus the advertising to the target audience in strategic locations, elite services while boosting brand visibility.


With family? Friends? or Corporates? Malls have everyone under one roof and provide maximum brand visibility for your business. We can take your brand across various malls of India across cities.


Indians can live without food, but not without Movies. A place that guarantees 100% audience attention- theatres. Your brand on the big screen marketed effectively across multiplexes and single screen theatres across India.


Airports brew with customers from across India. Target your niche and premium audience with our impeccable service and reap the benefits of smart corporate marketing.


Lollipops- Spread across roads in this Huge country, Imagine their tremendous impact in promoting your business. Great things come in tiny packages they say.


We leave no stone unturned. In this case, no poles un-advertised. We promote your business efficiently through cost-effective campaigns.


With India’s developing infrastructure-metro rails and public transport, we maximise the utility of metro pillars for cost-effective advertising & assured brand visibility. Why leave pillars empty when they can benefit your business? ;).


In a world where everyone “UBER’S” it, we are tied up with the prestigious and omnipresent Uber brand for a comprehensive branding strategy to showcase your company’s brand to Uber’s large customer base across India.

With Uber being the most popular ride share service, we will strategically place your company’s advertisements in both the exterior and interior of the Ubers, targeting every customer closely, with your brand placed in front of their eyes to embrace.


Focusing on customers that are internet savvy, have the spending power, and are millennials? Target your audience to the IT sector effectively to promote your business. We can execute your IT Park Branding across Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai.

Our Digital Marketing Services 


An Effective short-term campaign or long term campaign with Direct response business while creating B2B or B2C awareness using Niche terms to create online traffic. 


DSP with 350M+ reach in India, 630M+ worldwide. Browser, operator, device type, site targeting, age targeting, demographic targeting, city targeting, Large screen display ads, native ads, video,etc. 


Everyone uses the internet to search for products or services. We help rank your websites better in search engines to provide an edge over your competitors using both on-page and off-page optimization.


Social Media is the new king, and we expertise in setting up your kingdom. It is a vast medium and you can trust us with highlighting your business online amongst the best cost-effectively. Facebook , Twitter etc..


The success of a business lies in the way they project their website -We hope you liked ours! 😉 We will develop and design your customer& SEO friendly website with comprehensive tools.


Why stress your brain when we can plan & design the creatives for your advertising campaign? We will plan, develop and deliver your creatives for your marketing campaigns .


This is one of the most effective digital marketing channel that gives a firm a good ROI. (Return On Investment) We draw the line between bombarding customers with spam and delivering customer targeted e-mails.


When people we trust promote a product, No ad serves as a better marketing tool. Word of mouth rules and we target social media celebs to promote your business effectively to their communities.

Why to choose BJ AIMS MEDIA?

We help YOU achieve your desired branding goals through Outdoor & Digital media platforms. #1 in target marketing and client satisfaction, we know the Insider Secrets that most don’t, through our years of experience and right connections in the industry! Are you ready to boost your brand with our Insider Expertise?


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Our Clients

Success Stories

BJ AIMS has been very professional and helpful for us at Suchitra Academy. The insights of Mr. Balaram Krishna into marketing and communications has been of great value and we are happy to have him as our partner.

Mr. Praveen Raju

Founder, Suchitra Academy

We would like to thank you for the services being rendered by you for our advertisement in Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Goa. You have always provided a very effective package which was value for money We are thankful for the services rendered by you and hope you will continue the same.
Mr. K. Sai Prakash

Sr. Vice President, The India Cements Ltd.

BJ Aims has been a great partner to Indus International School Hyderabad. Not only do they offer competitive rates for outdoor advertising, but also support businesses with their excellent service. No matter where we want to advertise across India, BJ Aims has provided unparalleled sales and support.
Mrs. Karuna Koripella

Head of Marketing and Admissions, Indus International School

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